Why is antivirus software needed

Antivirus is a very powerful word in today’s world. This is one of the most powerful tools which are used to protect the device against viruses, botnets, Trojans, rogue security software, rootkits, ransomware and various other kinds of software which is malicious and can harm the device or the data which is stored on the device.

There are people who say they have no need of an avg support phone number or even an avg tech support number as they only use their PC in order to surf the web. Since they do not store personal information on the PC, the avg technical support phone number is not needed. They feel that even if there is a bad program that infests their computer, they couldn’t care less.
However, they should know that if a Trojan horse gets into the system, it starts to release a payload which is malicious. It captures the email address as well as the password. It also could insert itself into the financial transactions and it could potentially wipe out the bank balance of the person.
If the computer gets co-opted and it gets changed to a botnet, it can be made to do anything what the bot herder asks it to do. The computer can spew spam as well as it serves as a control server or can even serve as a peer to peer command one.
There are also chances that the computer gets infected by a ransomware where you need to pay up in order to get your own data back. Even if you pay, you are not guaranteed that the data will be restored. Infact there are chances that you would need to reformat and restart everything from scratch.
There are chances of identity theft caused when the PC gets infected.click here to get more information AVG Customer Care Phone Number.