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You want to buy in an easy, fun and cheap way, do it online that we send it to you. At ShopGT we provide the fastest and least expensive way to make your international purchases reach the destination you choose, without having to go through the anguish and many frustrations involved in shipping abroad, and also with savings of up to 70 %.

We are an international package delivery service that offers an easy solution for the parcel forwarding with our mailbox service in the United States, allowing you to make your purchases at retailers and send your packages to an address within the US for free.

Our system also provides you with a free US address so that you can send your packages, where we receive them, inspect and consolidate them so you can save on international shipments. You just have to tell us how you want your items to be packed and when you want them to be done.

We keep constantly updated with the rules and regulations involved in international transport so that we can fulfill them and simplify the lives of our clients regarding shipments.

Shopping online should be an easy, fun experience and in addition to that, the elections multiply making you often get better prices. But there are many occasions when shipments increase your product. With ShopGT you will no longer have to worry about costs, we have more than 14 years in the shipping business and we know all the inconveniences that may exist.

Let us help you, you just have to contact us through our page or at our address in Miami, you can also make a call to the numbers provided on our website and we will answer you as soon as possible.
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