Teaching English Abroad In International Schools

There are various opportunities for teaching English abroad which are available to anybody who’s able to speak English fluently. Whether you’ve got a teaching diploma or a certificate in English language instruction you’ll be able to find work virtually anywhere on earth.

This article looks at two choices for people that wish to teach English abroad like private language schools and teaching English abroad in international school.
International Schools
International schools are elementary, middle and high schools for expatriate children whose families reside abroad. There are international schools that offer an American program, the ones that offer a British program and a lot more. The language of education in the majority of international schools is English but a lot of the students have English as a second or third language, and consequently many global schools have teachers that encourage these students by teaching them English language.
Teaching English abroad in international schools may be carried out with the very same qualifications which are needed for instruction in a private language school nevertheless you’ll be competing with people who’ve teaching diplomas. With more than 4000 international schools globally, there are lots of positions vacant each year.
Teaching in a global school often offers better pay and more benefits compared to teaching in a private language school. Some benefits you’re most likely to obtain instruction in a global school are yearly flights, lodging allowance, health insurance and, free tuition for your kids from the school.
International school follows the normal school year, and that means you may only be instructing for about 200 days, and you’ll be compensated for the vacation time, unlike private language school at which you will get 3-4 weeks’ vacation in a 12 month contract.
Private Language Schools
Teaching positions in private language schools are easy to secure. English language tuition is still a growth business in several regions of the Earth, in particular in Eastern Europe and around Asia.