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Yachts are the customized sailing equipment with a personalized touch in every end. These voyaging products provide you the sheer sailing experience and allow you to manage your yacht holidays. Earlier people have to rely on the ships, boats, and cruise to tame the tides and enjoy fishing. There was no personalized way to manage in such situations. But now you have the great option to own your personal yacht through the mega yachts for sale. This sale is applicable on the best models displayed on the official website of the 4yachts with the discounted prices and features. From the exciting pictures at different angles and complete specifications of the fleet you can make the online purchase from this very site.

Reduced maintenance with yachts
Yachts are far superior to other motorized boats and cruise. They come with standardized specifications, powered by diesel engines, greater mileage, twin engines and lesser maintenance. This allows your crew members to attend the guests and enjoy the fullest at your voyage. Grand Illusion is a premier yacht tagged under the offer of Mega yachts for sale. This product is powerful, effective, made with the best and repairable materials. The price kept for this product is around 11,500,000 US dollars and is built by Palmer Johnson. He is renowned as the best designer and builder of these beautiful voyaging products. It is a 1994 model and refurbished with the high-tech equipment in 2014.
It lengths up to 44.20 m and the max draft available is of 2.36m. It has the highest speed of 16 knots with respect to other yachts in this category. This yacht can accommodate 5 guests comfortably and a proper crew on the board. The hull material is made up of Aluminum and it makes the yacht light and powerful in the drive.

SeaXplorer 55 is an arc of the endeavouring to travel within the 7 seas, as the name implies. This sleek and stylish yacht design provides a new look that has never been seen before. The hull material is made out of pure steel which means that both guests and crews of this vessel will not have to worry about the prudence in reliability anymore as it is rugged and can with stand extreme conditions. Moreover, she is also coloured in matte so that outsiders will gaze in awe of this vessel. This yacht is one of a kind expedition yachts made for cruisers to explore and share experiences.

The speed for a regular cruise on this yacht is 12 knot, but if you are willing to be the dare devil and push the limits of this explorer, the maximum speed it will reach is 15 knots, an impressive speed compared to other mega yachts. The hull configuration of this yacht is by using the displacement ice breaker hull method which is better than most other yachts has to offer. This yacht also weighs around 5000 tons which is a lot more heavier than most vessels. She also has a range of 50000 miles per refuel, which make her a fuel-efficient yacht.

The hull designer is not just any designer, DAMEN is famous for its intricate design paying attention to every inch in detail. Both the owner and the exterior designer of the perfect vessel O produce a single most magnificent masterpiece called the SeaXplorer 55. Azure is the name of the company at which the exterior design schematics was rooted upon. There are currently 6 staterooms and 12 sleeps for both guests and the captain alike to feel immersive when traveling on an expedition yacht. This vessel has a captain’s cabin and is MCA compliant so that you don’t have to worry about security and reliability. The Caterpillar engine packs a punch, which makes it different from other yachts for sale out in the market.