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What is Duratrans?
duratrans is a type of printing, initially found by the Kodak co. in the year 1970. This photographic and printing technique helps the printing of the graphics on a base film usually translucent in nature.

Usage of Duratrans
Duratrans has been used to facilitate printing techniques forover the years now. It has multiple uses of its own. Some of the uses of duratrans include –
1. For promotion: you must have visited malls, airports, casinos etc. and might also have come across huge advertisements of different companies. Duratrans facilitates the printing of such ads meant for promotional purposes. This is apparently one of the most common uses of this printing technique.
2. For fine arts: this usage is almost similar to the one listed above. The only difference in the usage of fine arts lies in the set of resolutions and depths of color. The reason for this distinction is probably because fine arts are usually for themore knowledgeable audience. Apart from that, both the uses are a mere replica of each other.

3. For translite: have you ever wondered about the beautiful backgrounds being created at theatres and TV screens behind the anchor? If you haven’t yet given a thought to it, you must note that it is also one of the uses of duratrans. The background is printed over the material and then laid vertically with lighting falling perpendicularly over the printed backgrounds. And, that’s how you see beautiful sights in theatres as well.
These are some of the uses of duratrans, where at one place it helps you to promote your business in the other place it involves complex uses like for translates. And, that is how this printing technique helps you in various different forms you have never even known.

Duratrans is the name of a brand like Kodak, who is a translucent-base film. Duratrans consist a translucent- base material, which makes light possible through the image. They are very popular among artists, architects, and interior designers, where the imagination works more than the reality to make the work miraculous. In these types of images, there is lit from the edge to edge, which is only possible with the tubing of the fluorescent, across the large area. Such products are especially used in large picture exhibition or advertising displays as well as in large hoardings of advertisements and in many more, as they are made up of hard wearing.

Light boxes:
With the joining force of LED technology, duratrans developed an accurate color light boxes which can do a color balance in the Duratrans film material.
Duratrans printing is only available through premier print service, whose main aim is their clients. That’s why they are more in need to put input than a single on-screen check. These type of services begin with the meeting of parameters in brief. Then you are getting introduced to a production manager and to the printer, both of them will stay with you along with the duration of the job and indeed you’re working time. The dialogue between the printer and yourself, as a result, he extends the initial work via emails, calls, and they are passed back over the duration of the production.

The backlit transparencies are used by photographers and the images which the printed on a translucent base material, ideal for displaying such images on lightboxes. Both Duratrans and Duraclear are used in the lightboxes, with the use of the c-type process. Duratrans have a translucent base while duraclears have a transparent base, which mainly used in lightboxes. Duratrans are available in multiple varieties with a variety of cost.
Duratrans are mainly used in digital photography, and duratrans printing makes it possible at affordable cost.