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Today the social networking has taken up the life of users, and with the availability of the social networking apps, the people are engaged fully in it. As per the studies, the teenagers are spending about nine hours in a day on the social networking sites. Majority of this is done via smart mobile phones. Also, the same data is saying that the users are too spending more time on the social media than the actual socializing. There is a downside; it is privacy. If an item is free, the chances are of you being a product. Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and various others site gives us an untethered access to the platforms. These are all for exchanging the valuable with insight into one’s habits, content, behavior, location, preference and habits. In the article, we are going to see some ways on how DPOS blockchain can revitalize social Medias.

Look at the ways on how blockchain can revitalize social Medias-
• You are not an item or a product- Social networking site is a goldmine of the information of a user like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It is exchanging aggregated information for providing the clients better opportunity for targeting for marketing campaigns and for the advertisements. If you go to terms of the social site, there you will see that when you upload content, social site is having full right to access the content for their use. DPOS Coin n can be helpful for revitalizing social media.
• Better control over your content- DPOS blockchain is based on the approach to the social networking address. It is by establishing decentralized approaches to the connectivity. By getting rid of the server, no entity can be enforcing the monitoring and do control all over the content that is a user-generated.
These are the effective ways on how DPOS blockchain can revitalize social media.

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