Start your alcohol free month challenge and even your liver will thank you

“In just 28 days increase your energy, improve your sleep and get up refreshed and ready to dominate your day” is the promise we make in our book THE 28-DAY ALCOHOL-FREE CHALLENGE BOOK, and that is from there we will teach and guide you so that your life be this good, find your desire to renew and to live a full life without alcohol.

In our book, we gather the experiences of thousands of people we have helped, who accepted the challenge of living without alcohol for a month, and now they are helping others to also accepting the challenge responsibly to be initially 28 days no alcohol.

Our interest is not that you stop drinking for the rest of your life, we know that both for women and men is an extremely difficult task, especially when around us there are thousands of opportunities to take; our goal is that you know the benefits you will get in your life to be a month without alcohol, and so change your vision and relationship with alcohol, to become independent and overcome the desire to get drunk.

Through our alcohol free month challenge, we contribute positively so that others can live more and fully, we improve even your way of feeding you, you will sleep better, so you will see yourself better and only not drinking for a month that is your first challenge.

On our website you will have daily assistance to stay on track for the duration of the challenge, we will help you to have the desired success, we know that it is a struggle, for what we will be motivating you on a daily basis, and because we know that we are not all the same the guidelines are personalized, and so you will feel more comfortable and safe. Visit our website!