Some dirty pick up lines to escape life of being single

Many people are single now days struggling to get into a relationship. Basic problem is that they don’t know the way of approaching them by using Dirty pick up lines or don’t know how to feel them secure.

• Some important dirty pick up lines to impress girls
Many of you are very much shy and scared to approach or share dirty pick up line for impressing girls. Normal people start approaching by saying hi or hello and then they start chatting normally which may be not effective instead of using dirty pick up lines.
You don’t need to use the entire dirty pick up line at first. Time is there you have to use the lines very cleverly so that they produce the result. You may use the following line like “I won’t live your back until you hold mine” but all these have perfect timings when they are to be said depending on the person’s mood.
• Impressing girls depending on the mood and situation
All girls are not same. Some girl’s keep secrets while others like to share. Now if you have gone too far with the level of friendship then you can also use some seriously dirty line like “If you like sleeping then we can do it together because my hobby is sleeping” which will take your relationship into another level and will not keep you struggling to be single.

Now going to another level you can use the following line “I think your ass is a dialler as its calling me for a long time”. These dirty pick up lines will help you in taking your relationship whether you are in a social media or in real life. But most important of all is that it must be used in perfect time or else it will produce a negative effect and will take your relationship into a bad direction.