Sex Toys Have an Appetizer, Your Partner is Your Entree!

I wish I had a dime for every single time that I have heard the words “what if he’s intimidated or that I hurt his feelings once I bring home this Adult toys“? This subject comes up all of the time in our in home sex toy parties.

But most men nowadays appear to adopt the toys and the very SAVVY men understand that they simply make their jobs easier! Adding a quiet vibrator in your lovemaking can make MOMMA EXTRA HAPPY…… and most of us know the old adage about if MOMMA ai not pleased. As I really like to say, very savvy men understand that sexual toys perform all of the heavy lifting for them. And, speaking from personal experience, nothing could ruin a living, breathing, and hot, good smelling partner.

But, even in 2009 I still get a couple of women, per party, that ask me this question. Sometimes, I think that it’s more about the girl being frightened to communicate with her lover that she’s ready to boost their bedroom pleasure. And regrettably, in some instances, it is a fact that their male partner really doesn’t like the concept of a toy. (Men are mainly concerned that they’ll be substituted, or the toy will probably be larger then them.)

It turns out that a few unenlightened men visit a vibrator or a dildo for a replacement. However, like my name says TOYS ARE JUST AN APPETIZER. They are just designed to get us warmed up and as most of us know, women typically want more heat up time afterward men. Our partner is our entree! Rarely will an appetizer really fulfill us. Occasionally an appetito is a lot, but normally the appetizer just builds the expectation for the primary course. (Anticipation… ahhhh…. All of us love anticipation, do not we.)

So, back to my point to those men. If your woman takes 20 minutes, then why don’t you bring something such as a SLENDER SENSATIONS or even a SILVER BULLET to your foreplay repetoir. Utilize the soft vibration on her brow, on her neck and back, then move it around lightly on her lower abdomen or try with a bit more strain with it upon her pelvic bone. Do not just plunge right in. Simply take the toy and tease her a bit with it to get her warmed up. Should you take some opportunity to assist the blood circulation increase for her pelvic area, what you may find is a female who’s HIGHLY responsive and that will get an orgasm more easily.