Reasons for the cause of dark circles

Are you applying a lot of concealer to hide the dark circles while going to a party? Then, you can stop doing it by purchasing the best cream for dark circles under eyes to get rid of dark circles. People despite of applying makeup, the dark circles still remain lights visible to the people. This makes them look tired and older than their actual age. The dark circles are formed under the tear trough area of the eyes and take away the complete look of the face.

Few of the reasons for the formation of dark circles include

• Nutritious Deficiency: People who have lack of vitamin A, C, K and E in their body are prone to this skin problem.

• Drinking and smoking heavily: People attending late night parties and boozing a lot will result in lack of sleep. Moreover, drinking excessively results in dehydration, which is another reason for discoloration of skin under the eyes.

• Expose to the sun: People who go out in the sun and wander in the streets are exposed to UV rays. These rays dehydrate the skin of the people and darken the sensitive part of eyes.

• Hormonal changes: Menstruation and pregnancy may be the result for formation of dark circles.

• Anemia: Drop in iron levels in the blood results in dark circles

• Stress: Though, there is no relationship for the formation of dark circles to stress, but due to stress, people are deprived of sleep and this aggravates the already formed dark circles.

Treatments to fight dark circles

• Dark circles formed due to skin pigmentation can be fought by taking proper care with the ingredients that are available in home. Few of the easy home based treatments that can be followed by people to fight dark circles under eyes include

• Apply almond oil and massage around the area under the eyes. You need to massage and leave the oil as it is overnight and wash your face in the morning with cold water. You can see change in your face after a couple of weeks of following this dark circles under eyes treatment

• You can put cucumber slices on your eyes for around 30 days to notice the reduction of dark circles