Knowing if cinemas and Movies (หนัง) have the same meaning

In the world today, the word “cinemas” is familiar, this is known to be another word for movies (หนัง)many times they are used interchangeably. films (หนัง) are viewed and downloaded and watched in the cinemas or in your private apartment. Many cinemas are created for business purposes, although there are some houses that have cinemas built inside of it. This depends on the owner of the house, but for every other cinema, they are owned for commercial purposes where the sale of tickets are used to generate income. The way it is done is such that, before a film can be available for download on any website, owners of cinemas get it beforehand.

This helps them to pull the crowd to themselves, in the sense that, for those that have watched the thriller of the movie, they will most probably want to be the first set of people to watch it, as it comes out. Some cinemas do not charge for ticket but they charge for membership fee, maybe monthly or annually. The cinema is built such that it is convenient for viewing movies (หนัง). The projector is used to project the film on a wider screen, and then speakers and other sound components are used to amplify the sounds.
Movie theatres may in a great way reduce the rate at which some people watch or download movies online, but this all boils down to choice. Someone might choose to watch his own movie online on FREEMOVIETHAI, while the other might feel more comfortable going to a cinema to view it. Anyone that will set up a movie theater must have a lot of capital as compared to the one that will set up a website like