Important tips to getting an Indonesian Maid (印傭)

Living with a maid in your home, with your family goes a long way. It goes beyond just doing your chores. The maid can help you babysit, take your kids to school, run errand among other duties. So, getting a Housemaid (女傭) is not just what you dive into. There are some things you must have concluded on before you contact the agency to make your request. These matters are:

• Identifying your need. The first question to answer is whether you really need a maid, or you just need to organize yourself the more. If you need a maid, then what kind of maid do you need? What primary work will you have the maid do in your home? You may need a maid to help out with the overwhelming chores. Your own need may be cleaning, or babysitting. It may be that you need someone to help out with food making. These are specific needs that will guide the choice of maid you request for.
• Decide on the nationality of the maid you want. Your maid will have to work and live with you, under the same roof. She will work for you, and you want her to do that effectively. She should be able to relate well with your family. There is no way all these can be achieved if you don’t understand each other. There must be a common way of communicating effectively. An Indonesian Maid (印傭) will speak simple English. This is needed for communication in the most home.
• A very key part is the finances involved in getting and maintaining the maid. You need to be sure of how much you can set aside to pay your maid. Her payment should be a part of your monthly budget. This will also be among the things you settle with the agency before you have the maid you desire.