How long can a happy birthday GIF animate?

When creating a happy birthday GIF, most people always want their GIFs to animate infinitely. But how long can GIFs really animate or are there time restrictions on the animation of GIFs? This is a very interesting factor because not so many people have thought that a GIF with the word happy birthday in german can animate forever. Generally, GIFs can animate continuously without stopping. However, this will depend on how the GIF was made. It also depends on whom you are making the GIF for. A happy birthday GIF does not need to animate for a prolonged period of time.

But if you are making the GIF for the web or public consumption, then it should animate for a longer period. It is also important to understand that you can make a happy birthday gif to animate for a specific length of time. Most GIFs are less than three minutes longer and this means that they will only play for this duration. A GIF is created to be an abbreviated version of a clip that spans from 2-10 seconds. Depending on the type of GIF you are making, however, you can extend it to any length of time you want.
GIFs animate for only a few seconds because of the type of message a person wants to send and considerations of mobile networks. You may not be able to compress a happy birthday GIF properly due to the 256 colour limit on GIFs. Even if your GIF has the word happy birthday in german, it will still be smaller in size and its animation time is likely to be not more than 10 seconds. This also means that the GIF will not be a replacement of a video. But to ensure that the GIF animates for long, you will have to create many frames or even convert more images or videos to GIF format.