How can Bitcoin work?

The basics for a new user
As a new user, you can get started with Bitcoin without understanding the technical information. When you’ve installed a Bitcoin wallet in your personal computer or mobile phone, it is going to make your first Bitcoin address and you’ll be able to make more if you want one. It is possible to disclose your addresses for your friends so they can cover you or vice versa. Actually, this is quite similar to how bitcoin works (como funciona bitcoin), as that Bitcoin addresses must only be used after.

Balances- block series
The block series is a shared people ledger on that the total Bitcoin network is different. All supported transactions are contained in the block series. In this manner, Bitcoin wallets will compute their spendable balance and new trades can be confirmed to be spending bitcoins which are really owned by the spender. The ethics and the chronological order of this block series are enforced with cryptography.
Transactions- private keys
A trade is a transfer of significance between Bitcoin wallets that gets contained from the block series. Bitcoin wallets keep a key bit of data called a private key or seed, and this can be used to signal transactions, offering a mathematical proof which they’ve come in the owner of the wallet. The signature also prevents the transaction from being changed by anybody once it’s been issued. All trades are broadcast involving users and typically start to get supported from the system from the subsequent 10 minutes, via a procedure called mining.
Processing- mining
Mining is a distributed consensus system that can be utilized to confirm waiting trades by adding them at the block series. It enforces a chronological order from the block series, protects the neutrality of this system, and enables different computers to agree upon the condition of the machine. To be verified, trades have to be packaged in a block that matches very strict cryptographic principles which will be confirmed from the community. These rules prevent preceding blocks from being altered because doing this would invalidate all next blocks. Mining also generates the equivalent of a competitive lottery which prevents any person from readily adding new blocks consecutively from the block series. In the manner of como funciona bitcoin, no people can control what’s contained in the block chain or substitute parts of the block series to roll their particular spend.