Heart & Body Naturals – Body in equilibrium with the amazing superfoods

The trilogy of the healing of the Body, Mind and Soul is formulated by the renowned healer Alexandria Brighton, with a selection of ingredients endorsed by scientific studies to reduce the processes of inflammation.

Sometimes, even though we strive to consume an organic diet, based on gluten-free foods, the daily struggle to look thinner, you cannot achieve the proper weight loss to keep your body in a state of equilibrium.
Heart & Body Naturals as a promoter of natural products strives daily to locate formulas to help heal people without the impact of side effects, a proposal for vital stability is this “Trilogy for the Healing of the Body the Mind and the Soul”; for the “Body” offers a mixture of beet juice combined with berries of hawthorn, whose chemical reaction triggers the release of nitric oxide helping to relax the blood vessels thus lowering blood pressure. “Mind”; Its ingredients include carrot juice, turmeric, licorice, ginseng, omega oils and other adaptogenic complexes that offer anti-inflammatory benefits, thus preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s, improving mood and toning nerves, memory and cognitive functions. And last but not least, “Soul”; a great combination of ingredients such as coconut, lemon, oats, cabbage, turmeric, among others, whose purpose is to help you balance and maintain the ph of your body, the functioning of the kidneys, the liver, the health of the skin and the hair.
The consumption of more natural and super foods products generate remarkable changes in the wellbeing of people, staying within that state depends largely on a good choice that advice is offered by Heart & Body Naturals through the various products alternatives: slimmer weight loss, therapies, vitalitea detox tea, infusions, essential oils, among many others complementary to gluten free food.