Health Benefits of Massage Therapy: Pain Management, Relaxation, and More!

Like most “alternative” forms of health care, Massage Therapy Toronto is occasionally met with doubt. People often assume that any positive health effects from therapeutic massage include the so-called placebo result (symptoms being effected with the comprehension of treatment). But that simply is not accurate. Besides years of anecdotal evidence about the efficacy of Swedish massage (along with other kinds of massage treatments) in relieving pain reduction and standard well-being, recent research continues to demonstrate the different advantages of massage treatment.

Persistent pain can be painful, especially if there’s no recognized cause to target with medical treatment. But a recent study has revealed that therapeutic massage can offer short-term aid for chronic lower back pain, helping pave the way for long-term health. In a research authored by Cherkin DC, Sherman KJ, Kahn J, et al. at the 2011 Annals of Internal Medicine journal, issues were found to have significantly less pain in the brief term when handled by several massage treatments than control subjects that just received medical treatment such as pain medicine and physical therapy.
Another recent study, discovered 60 minutes of Swedish massage treatment to be the best pain-relieving dose for people suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee. Participating in a single 60-minute session of Massage Therapy Toronto once a week has been found to decrease both pain and stiffness for all these patients.
As you can see, these studies, and a lot more like it, are finding powerful connections involving massage treatment and pain decrease, in addition to other health benefits. Additionally, it is important not to dismiss the health benefits of comfort, either. Now research increasingly shows the hazards of anxiety for elevated blood pressure and heart problems, stroke, and other important health issues. Since Swedish massage and other kinds of massage almost professionally promote comfort, as well as their other pain-fighting advantages, this overall stress reduction may lead to your general well-being.