Essential Elements in Synthetic Urine That Determine Quality

Stomach is the mixing, consumption and digesting region where everything you eat is crushed and absorbed naturally. Further, there are three major things of a human body that can be used for all types of medical tests. Two of them belong to the human waste, while the third one is human blood. Usually, the most doctors and laboratory experts use human shit and pee for a number of tests. Many people try to defeat these tests by using high quality quick fix urine. This urine kit makes the fake pee, which you can send for laboratory test.

Definitely, if you are using an artificial pee, then you can easily pass all types of drug tests. Basically, there are a number of occasions, matters and the cases when government as well as the law enforcement authorities may ask for the urine tests of the people. In the sex harassment cases, rapes and some criminal cases urine test is considered as the most important. Now, many people, especially professional criminals use Synthetic urine to deceive the laboratory tests. There are also some official uses of the fake pee throughout the world.

They also pass such tests very easily, while the doctors and laboratory assistants always get deceived completely. Nowadays, trends of using fake pee throughout the world are growing rapidly. There are dozens of basic reasons and purposes behind using such urine as the pee sample for testing. Whenever you are going to purchase the Quick Fix Synthetic urine, then you must be aware of essential and primary elements that will declare the quality of this fake pee. If any of these important components is missed in fake urine, then you may fail in passing drug tests. These elements are:
• Uric acid
• Creatine
• Urea
• Temperature form 32 to 36 degree Celsius
• pH; normal from 4.8 to 8
• Nitrates
• Particular gravity
• Pee smell and foaming
• Discretion etc.