Effects of Electronic Cigarette

The concept of electronic cigarette emerged with the thought of helping smokers to quit smoking. It provides an effect of nicotine hit as same as real cigarette however, the effect is not at all as the original one. Nevertheless, in a recent research some other stories have come in front indicating some negative effects of this technology in human body.

In the research, the researchers have found out that the vapour which gets emitted from e cigarette causes birth of MRSA bug that in turn reduces a body’s capacity to fight it or lessens the immunity. Although it is evident that the effect of MRSA is not as serious as that of smoking tobacco but still there are certain unfavourable effects of this solution as well.

Are you and user of such cigarette? Don’t you know about MRSA? Actually MRSA is a bug which is a drug resistant. This mainly leads to one type of bacterial infection for which men get ill vulnerably. Pneumonia is a very common disease seen as a result of MRSA and it is often found in nose, throat and mouth.

People sometimes even ask that what is so magical in such a cigarette that it does not cause cancer but provide the same delight as a real one. In actual this is a gadget which is operated with powered battery and emits vapour with tobacco flavour however the smoker cannot suck the carbon monoxide, tar or tobacco. As time passes manufacturers are including different flavours in the vapour to provide smokers ultimate pleasure.

Electronic cigarette Malaysia is not very commonly in use however, many people nowadays are fond of this as it does not have any symptom that may lead to cancer. In addition to that it is almost 10 times less harmful than tobacco ones. It is indeed a great innovation.

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