Coinbase- is it safe to buy bitcoin?

Are you looking for some way to buy bitcoin? If yes, then using coinbase wallet is the best option available in front of you. It is one of the popular and secure online platforms for people to buy and sell crypto-currency. People use this method as this helps people to easily sell the currency to any other person or exchange it with other currencies without any risk or difficulty. However, using this online platform you can buy and sell digital currency easily, you can send and receive currency on online wallets with your friends, partners or merchants freely. It handles backups and security and considers as the best platform at which different applications work.

Benefits of using coinbase wallet:
• It allows its customers to buy different crypto-currency such as ethereum, bitcoin, and litecoin with fiat currencies.
• Allow its users to make an easy purchase with bank transfers and credit cards.
• It is mobile-friendly and easy sign-up process
• Allow its users to connect their accounts with their native companies for serious trading
• It is also used for storing crypt-currency and offer complete security
However, when you use coinbase method, it requires some verification details such as account number so that you can easily send and receive crypto-currency. If you need to open an account, you have to send you full name, email address, and user’s agreement. Moreover, it is important for the users who need to buy bitcoin have to send their valid account number so that you can easily transfer or receive currency through coinbase method.

Once the coinbase account is set, you can easily buy a small amount of crypto-currency until you raise the limit. For example, if you are a US resident who has credit card filed with coinbase account you can purchase up to $2000 worth every week. If you need to raise this limit, you have to send some identity verification of debit card or credit card.
Therefore, some of the above given few things that you should know about coinbase method.