Best Bitcoin Exchange in India

Bitcoin Trading is one of the best investment options to make a side income. Bitxoxo is one of the fastest Bitcoin exchange in India. They are first in India to launch physical Bitcoin Prepaid card. They are also the very first to provide Bitcoin exchange services to their customers at 0% fees. This gives their customers services to buy, sell and hold bitcoin without any additional fees.

There are various other services which provide Best bitcoin exchange in India but there are few reasons which make bitxoxo better than any other services. Other companies with providing bitcoin exchange in India ask for users PAN card, bank account details and address proof for verification. To verify your account with Bitxoxo, it just takes few simple steps and you can just start to exchange bitcoin. With other companies, you have to wait for the exchange to complete if the other user is not online. In some cases it takes hours and it may even take days to verify the details of the transactions sometimes. But with Bitxoxo you don’t have to wait days or even hour to complete the exchange as it usually takes only a few seconds or minutes.
One more advantage of using bitxoxo over other bitcoin exchange services in India is the time. Most bitcoin exchange services in India have a time schedule and only open from 10 AM to 8 PM, also they pay through NEFT but provide a complete time and also payments directly through IMPS. This way you don’t need to wait for a complete day for the transfer to go through. They also provide you with all the information, so you can get most profit and best bitcoin exchange rate.They also provide various other additional services like 24*7 Customer Support and open for Trade with lowest processing fees.