At Watercraft we are delighted that you choose us to install your tank and greywater systems

At Watercraft we provide the complete service in the installation of water tanks and grey water treatment systems for all types of applications, both domestic and commercial. We have many years of experience in water conservation and we are proud to be the most recommended by most water tank manufacturers.

We offer our services to help you conserve water in your new home or in the remodeling of the one you have, with our experience we can contact you with architects, builders, plumbers or any specialist involved in the installation process and solve any problem or scheduled maintenance that ensures that your system continues to work perfectly for much longer.

All aspects of their work are of utmost importance and at Watercraft we strive to provide a complete service whether you are designing a new home if you plan to collect rainwater or install greywater systems that serve for tasks such as watering the garden among others.

All homes are different, therefore with different needs and owners, you may need to save water or stop the excess water that floods your property, and whatever your problem at Watercraft we analyze and solve. We advise you on what size tank to install, how much water you will save, types of greywater systems that suit you, and we even help you obtain planning permits or construction permits for rainwater tanks. All greywater systems require permits from the local authority and demonstrate that the system complies with public health regulations and at Watercraft we take care of every detail until the site is inspected.

At we inform you about all our services, we also show you our wide range of tanks and systems so that you can choose the one that suits your spaces and needs.
We are the most experienced and capable to install their grey water systems Perth. Contact us now, we will be happy to help you.