3 Creative Apps to Download Today Itself

The android app market is a vast one with millions of applications and billions of users. There are apps for every kind with UC mini and Chrome for browsing, to Spotify and Google Play Music for music. Some of the apps that have made it to this list are the result of a creative endeavour.

1. PicsArt Photo Studio
When you think of images you think Instagram these days. It is rightly so. But, PicsArt Photo Studio begins where Instagram ends. It doesn’t only have filters, but has a wide variety of tools that can help you edit and perfect your pictures. You can also share the pictures directly to Instagram with its built in feature.
2. Pocket Casts.
This app is for podcast fans all around the world. It was since long those fans of podcasts wanted an app for all their favourite podcasts in one place. You can manage all your podcasts at one place and even sync them among various devices. Although this app is a paid version, and not the free version, you can still subscribe to this app to enjoy the services.
3. Spotify
Spotify is a unique app which allows the user to listen to music on your phone from various sources. The sources can either be Google Play Music or even a remotely curated radio station. The sound quality and crisp content is what makes Spotify stand out among the masses. There are thousands of genres on the app which you might not have heard of. If you love running one music streaming service on your smartphone, Spotify is the ideal choice to go with.

These were some of the apps that belong to a more creative side of the pool. You can download various apps like UC Mini on the playstore.